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Mixing Services


The mixing packages break down into 3 basic formats with two options for each and full description can be found to the right.

The *Complete Pack format is inclusive of the following extras:

Instrumentals, a cappella , PA version, Mp3 and main stems.

Mastering is included with all mixing packages.


If you are ready to purchase the service you require then please use the buttons below to pay through PAYPAL. We are a fully verified business and as such your purchase is protected and completely safe.





Single Mix


Single *Complete Pack






EP (6 Songs) Mix




EP Complete Pack






Album (12 Songs) Mix


Album *Complete Pack



For any combination of songs not listed above then please get in touch for a quote to suit your project.

If you are on a tight deadline and need your mixes sooner than the timeline above then let us know your schedule and we can do our best to work around your needs.



If your tracks are already mixed but need to be prepared for release then we can professionaly master your mixes on a track by track basis. This is essential to have your tracks ready for public airing where they need to be sounding loud and proud but also sonically smooth and with that touch of class. (takes up to 7 days)

Mastering Price List

Drum Replacement

This is a great service if you need to either replace or bolster your live kick and snare tracks providing a professional touch and rythmic consistency. The samples are triggered from your recorded tracks and maintain there velocity and feel through the latest software technology. The samples themselves are taken from the best sounding drums recorded in the best sounding recording studios in the world.

$50.00 (takes up to 7 days)


Stem Mastering


Stem mastering is in between traditional mixing and mastering and involves the balancing of your tracks in groups. The benefit of this over traditional mastering is that of increased control and more specificly EQ, Dynamic and width control. The groups that we prefer to deal with are Vocals, Drums, Bass and Rest of the track. If you require or want to suggest an alternative set of groups based on your requirements then please get in touch to discuss your needs. (takes up to 7 days)

Please contact for pricing as it is dependant on stem count.

Vocal Tuning

Whether its for a T-Pain/Kanye West style overtune or a beautiful natural sounding performance, the correct use of tuning tools such as Melodyne or Autontune is absolutely essential. This is because the vocal is very often the most important part of the song and getting this right could really be a deal breaker for any listener. Please let us know your intention for the type of tuning you need and you can be sure it'll be in safe hands.

$50..00 (takes up to 7 days)

Red Book Authoring

if you have your tracks already mixed and mastered but need the final CD prepared for Duplication or Replication then it will need to be supplied in international "Red Book" format. Please provide your masters plus any CD text and ISRC details and we'll do the rest. We can provide you CD in .bin and .cue files for burning. We will also provide instructions on how to burn this master using "Nero".

$40.00 (takes up to 7 days)



The consultation service is great if you want to do everything yourself but would like the benfit of different set of experienced ears to assess you mix and point any weaknesses that could be improved upon before finishing the project.

$30..00 (takes up to 7days)


MP3 Encoding

Professional encoding with album artwork embedding and tagging. This is important for your digital release on itunes.

$30.00 (takes up to 7days)



Description of the Terms

Model Gallery

This is for one single song of any reasonable length (so basically not a segued piece).

This is for one single song of any reasonable length (so basically not a segued piece).

Album Mix (takes up to 21 days)

This is for up to 12 songs.
This is for one single song of any reasonable length (so basically not a segued piece).


A stem is a part or group of tracks within the mix and in a general case is usualy Vocals, Drums, Bass, Rest of the track.