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How does it all work?

After purchasing through the Paypal buy it now button, you will be directed to a page where you can upload the tracks via our Sendspace Dropbox account. You can of course send via your own online file delivery  service if you have one.

When the Master is prepared we will then send a link to you for you to download it form our secure server.

How do I prepare my tracks for online mixing?

We need your audio files exported or bounced from your sequencer in Wav or AIF at the bit rate you recorded the material usualy (at either 16 or 24bit) and the sample rate we prefer is 44.1khz. All tracks should be exported from the same point in order for the tracks to line up correctly at our studio.

Where possible, please label each file correctly (eg Main Vocal, Kick drum etc) this makes it a lot easier when discussing possible edits and for general tidyness of the project.

Effects such as compression, reverb etc should be removed from the tracks and sent dry. However, if you feel the effects are essential to the intended sound then by all means leave them on and send a dry alternative where possible.

Please be aware of digital clipping where the track has been exported with the gain above the saturation threshold, this is usually indicated by the sequencer going into the red.

It can be very useful to include notes on how you want the track to sound and even by supplying your own rough mix for our engineers to get an impression of the general balance you originaly intended.

Is there a limit to the number of tracks I can send?

No, please send the amount of tracks your project has.

Can I send the files by post?

Yes- let us know if you want to send your files this way and we will give you our address to send them to.

Can I listen to a sample before commiitting to a mix?

Yes this is possible, if you have a short section of your songs then by all means please e-mail us for the details to send your individual tracks for evaluation.

When the Masters are delivered, can I make changes and is there a limit to the amount of changes I can make?

Yes absolutely and there's no limit to the changes you can make and therefore no pressure on getting things just right.

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