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About Us

Our team of engineers have experince in Hip Hop, Dance, RnB right through to Death Metal via all genre's inbetween. This level of expereience and know how will bring the professional polish needed to your projects.

The Studio

The main studio is purpose built and comprises of a full range multi monitoring system with in the box processing plus analogue outboard summing. This is designed to provide the best of both worlds by utilising high quality plug ins for their recall facilities and fantastic scope for sonic manipulation. Analogue summing is part of the equation that can really make the difference and provide that finishing touch for a full silky professional sound.

We also use other studios when neccessary to utilise certain facilities, this can be for many reasons and is all in the aim of getting the best sound for your projects. These studios are used by many big name artists such as U2, Akon, JLo etc..

mixing studio


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